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After the 2008 financial crisis, with the continued steady growth of the global economy, living standards will be further improved. According to EngelâEUR(TM)s law, in the case of household disposable income increases, the proportion of residentâEUR(TM)s necessities spending will decline, to meet the consumerâEUR(TM)s need of innovation, beauty and psychological needs, such as hair products will be more and more popular. So, these products industry benefit from it and the development of the products industry is also gradually warmer. The global economic situation improves, while the import and export trade also became warmer. Total exports of hair products industry and market size are bound to show an upward trend. 2009-2011 three-year growth of 16.20 percent of total exports, respectively, 18.15% and 26.14%, 17.02%, respective of total consumption growth, 21.07% and 24.50%. To 2012 by the international financial crisis, the international trade market tightening global downturn in economic growth, hair products gross total exports and consumption growth slowed down in 2012, total global exports of 3.398 billion U.S.As per statistics, close to 50% of men and 40% of women lose hair at some point in their life. This actually throws light on how severe hair loss problems could be. Hair loss is also genetic and if any of the parents have suffered from hair loss, then there are chances that children would also attract hair loss. It is imperative that effectual hair loss solutions be adhered to so to get rid of the problem. The below mentioned article will highlight the five most effective solution for treating hair loss. 1. Proper Nutritional Diet It is very important that you follow the right diet rich in nutrients. Our diet needs to be rich with essential nutrients and fibers. A well balanced diet which is rich in protein, vitamin C and fiber helps in reducing further hair loss. As per medical experts, the main cause for hair loss is deficiency in important nutrients. Hence, a healthy and well balanced diet is always referred to as an effectual hair loss solution. 2. Laser Therapy Laser Therapy is the latest hair loss solution. The procedure involves using of a lesser level of laser.

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