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Considered the current gold standard of hair restoration surgery, follicular unit grafting relies on placing individual hair follicles, the part which grows the hair shaft that everyone sees, in a natural appearing fashion. The results are generally quite good and produce hairlines which are so natural that a barber will often not know that anything was done.Although there is not much you can do to change your genetic constitution, this condition can be treated using different types of natural remedies along with medication. 2. Hormonal imbalances can create oily skin and hair. Hormonal imbalances can also be caused by faulty genes or the so-called hereditary factors. When glands produce an excess of androgen hormones you end up with oily hair and skin conditions. Also, disorders like polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) in women can affect skin and make it produce more sebum than needed, which leads to oily hair and other related problems. When investigating the main causes behind oily hair and skin, a hormonal test should be taken to rule out hormonal imbalances. 3. The close relationship between diet and hair should not be ignored Your hair is made out of keratin, a protein that is also found in fingernails, and around 12% of hair is water. That's why hydration and diet are important for healthy hair. Everything that we eat and drink influences our bodily functions and the production of skin oil and other fluids is also dependent on diet.

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