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Obviously if you're having a problem with hair thinning, get to your hairstylist first. There are some routine and normal reasons for thinning and hair loss in both men and women. Your hairstylist can identify those stemming from improper use of styling tools or too much styling product build-up on the scalp and can teach you how to avoid and solve the problem. If you notice marked signs of hair loss, a general rule of thumb would be to head straight to your physician and a dermatologist to rule out any scalp and serious systemic health issues advises the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. If you get no satisfaction, your doctor may refer you further to an endocrinologist or other specialist. But only your doctor can help diagnose whether your condition is serious and treatable.This leg here has got a lot of hair. I'm going to actually always choose the synthetic part and I can drop out a little bit of the hair I've been adding thus keeping my braid from getting too thick. Take that hair out and then just continue on as you go and I'm going to finish up, I'm only going to go half way and I'm going to finish it off by doing a slightly braid, finishing off with just a few knots of a braid like that and then I'm going to take my needle, designed just for hair extensions. It's a round needle and it's got a blunt end on it and I'm just going to stick it through and I'm going to go through the two sides and I'm going to pull that needle through, holding on and essentially I'm going to tie it off by just wrapping it once and then wrapping through itself and through the two chords and that will make a lock just like that and go ahead and cut, and just cut the chord.

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