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Go for your granny's style for your next Halloween or other costume party. You only need some of your grandparent's clothing, and a bit of skill with the makeup kit. Creating the granny costume starts with using makeup to create the look of old age by enhancing natural creases. You complete the costume with the appropriate clothing and a couple of humorous accessories. Theater makeup is recommended for this costume, but you can get away with using different shades of traditional face powder.Therefore, by following certain precautions and instruction you can ensure that this surgery goes smooth & successful.It’s strongly recommended that you visit the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai who can deliver favourable results. When you meet the surgeon let him know about your medical history in detail. The surgeon must have detailed knowledge about the types of medicines you are taking to check whether they interfere with the medication administered during the surgery. A proper check of the medicines you’re taking has to be done as there’s always a possibility that they might cause harmful results, if wrong interactions are made with medication used in surgery. Only the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai can take care of such issues and avoid any complications to arise, if any.

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