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How do I care for my hair extensionHair extensions can be shampooed, styled and brushed the same as your natural hair, but don try to alter their color. This should be professionally done.The most important thing is to be gentle with it so as to preserve the bond attaching it.Use a soft bristle brush and brush out tangles from the bottom ends up towards your head.At night, to avoid matting, tie it up or braid it if it fairly long, and never sleep with wet or damp hair.Avoid using any silicone-based products or conditioners on the extension where it is bonded to your natural hair, as this will make the extension slip off.Does it hurt to get a hair extension No, not when it properly done. In the first day or two it will feel a little heavy perhaps, and this added weight on your head may feel slightly uncomfortable until you get used to it. The process of attaching it should not hurt at all. If it does, something isn right. Sometimes if the cornrow method is being used, the weaving might be done too tightly, pulling too hard on your scalp. This can even cause headaches. But you should not accept this.Once we've analyzed your medical history, genetic background, nutritional choices and exercise routines, we can start on a treatment plan that will mean you'll be able to enjoy new confidence and new hairstyles in Carrollton, TX. Treatments include addressing your body's nutritional needs, laser therapy to stimulate cell metabolism, scalp microcirculation and hair and scalp detoxification and exfoliation.

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