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So how can you cope with the effects of hairloss? Ignore itUndoubtedly the cheapest way of coping with loss of hair is to ignore it. If you can accept hairloss as something that is unavoidable and remember that you are still the same person underneath and move on with your life then you will save a lot of time and money. Nevertheless this is of course not that easy. Losing your hair can be an extremely upsetting event especially in cultures that see hair as a sign of fertility. Wear a wigWearing a wig can be a very good way of coping. It is a non invasive option. Wig technology is extremely good and these days wigs can be entirely convincing. Good wigs can cost a lot of money but will provide you with a natural looking head of hair instantly. Use drugs There are a number of bogus therapies on the market that claim to help you keep your head of hair.There are many ways to deal with hair loss. There are solutions to every hair loss condition, from hair transplants to nonsurgical hair replacement. And everyone has figured out that one way to deal with hair loss is to shave it all off. But what if you are just not the buzzed -bald type of man? Steve Mercer, a 46-year-old teacher in Reno, Nevada, had begun losing his hair little by little over the past few years. He didn’t see himself as a shaved head type of person but he definitely did not see himself as the hair replacement type of guy either.His hair wasn’t receding much around his face, which was a relief to him. Instead it was forming a bald spot right on the top of his head.

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