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Women hair loss prompts them to withdraw from the usual activities which they typically take part in. In more ways than one, their interaction with other people gets limited.The Main Causes of Hair LossWhy does women hair loss come into the picture What causes women hair loss No matter what drives women hair loss to spread its lunacy, the matter is nonetheless a major concern to all. There are various factors that lead to hair loss but the thing that must be borne in mind is that there is always a solution to it if only the right medication will be applied.The recorded factors that cause hair loss are skin disorders, recommended drugs and therapies, stress, pregnancy, chemotherapy, hereditary predisposition, bacterial infection, radiation, and extreme androgen production. In most cases, only one of these factors cause the hair loss but there is also the possibility that these factors are combined that hence bring about a greater effect of hair loss.As in the case of women hair loss, specialists emphasize that menopause is also another factor to be looked into.The technical term for hair loss is androgenetic alopecia which imparts both hormonal and genetic attributes. Basically, many cases in women are similar to mens cases, with too much testosterone. Over production of testosterone or lack of synthesis of it can result in it being turned into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) at the follicle which will slowly kill the follicle. This over time results in balding patterns and loss of hair. There are hair treatments which treat and reduce the accumulation of DHT in the follicle, but more research into stopping the conversion of testosterone into DHT needs to be done.

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