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Telogen effluvium is a phenomenon related to the growth cycles of hair. Hair growth cycles alternate between a growth phase (called anagen) lasting about three years, and a resting phase(telogen), lasting about three months. During telogen, the hair remains within the follicle until it is pushed out by the growth of a new hair in the anagen phase. At any one time about 15% of hairs are in telogen. A sudden stress can cause a large number of hairs to stop growing and enter the telogen phase. Then, some months later a large number of these hairs will be shed, leaving the hair visibly thinned. As new hairs grow, so the density of the hair may thicken again. Many adults will have suffered an episode of telogen effluvium at some point in their lives, reflecting episodes of stress or illness.Hi, my name is Julia and this is my model Kim from Extensions by Julia on behalf of Expert Village. Today we are going to be talking about hair extensions. (How long does it take to apply extensions) It actually can take up to 6 hours to apply a full head of extensions. That does not necessarily mean that everybody is going to need to take 6 hours to do them. The more hair that you put in, the longer it is going to take. It is also a little time consuming because I'm very particular about the way they are applied. It is very important that the rows are created very evenly throughout your head to create less tangling and that is the benefit for the customer, not for me.

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