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Lastly, semi-permanent is most appropriate for amateur's who have gray hair because the colors can only darken the hair. It can boost shine and volume, plus it will help tame frizz and split ends. It is the safest type for people who want to have a new do. Tips: - Make sure you apply conditioner a week before hair coloring. This will make your hair more manageable when parting your hair into thin parts depending on the volume and density of your hair. - Do a strand test first! Apply the color on a few strands. Remember to let it dry thoroughly to see the actual color. It will give you a sample of what color your hair will look like. If you don't like what you see, at least you see it on only one strand, not your whole head! You can do alterations - add warm or cool colors depending on what color you want to achieve. A couple of strand tests will do the trick.Wigs help women a lot as they can build a feminine image, then others will be attracted by you and you can get a lot of attention. For those people who do not have hair problems but want to change hairstyles often, lace wigs are also the great choice. You know that if you often change your own true hair colors, your own hair styles, your hair will just be damaged, then with the lace wigs you use, you will not have that problem. You can choose the wig of the color you like and then wear it, so easy, without any damage to yourself.

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