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There are cover up solutions and treatments for your thinning hair and some of the easiest treatments are the simple ones like changing you hair style or using a shampoo and condition that make your hair fuller. If you are losing hair in one area, you can easily style your hair differently, add curls, part it on the other side, etc., in order to cover the scalp area while still looking good. A barber or hair stylist can help you decide on the look that is right for you. Change your hair from long to a shorter style. If your hair is shorter, it gives the illusion your hair is thicker. Thickening shampoos and conditioners also help with thin hair too, but you may find that cutting your hair is enough to change the appearance of your thinning hair. How about using color to highlight and emphasize the hair you have. Highlights in your hair, draw attention to the highlights and not the thinning areas. Hair extensions and hair bonding are two other ways to increase the hair on your head by adding it to your existing hair. Extensions are really only suitable for women and require a great deal of hair already.Once complete, you can accessorize it with different colored pins and flowers. You could even use the traditional Japanese hair sticks to accessorize the Geisha bun by placing them in a cross 'X' manner, with the help of the bobby hair pins. If you don't wish to take so much of the pains then it is best to buy the readily available neat and tidy geisha wigs online.

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