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Obviously, this is not a luxury that average women can afford. But that should not stop you from making an effort to look your best every day. By taking your cue from what your favorite celebrities wear, you can easily create your own fashionable and gorgeous wardrobe without necessarily spending a fortune. The same is true with makeup - you can simply study how those beautiful women do their makeup and try to do the same for yourself, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.An effective cure in terms of a hair loss treatment has yet to be found, leaving non-surgical hair replacement options the only practical way for victims to deal with the disease and lead a normal life.Medical Hair Loss TreatmentsVarious medications can sometimes help these conditions, but there isn't a single treatment that has been certifiably successful. Anthralin cream is a thick substance that is coated on areas such as your eyebrows and scalp. The patient leaves this substance on the area for up to an hour before washing it off. Male sufferers have found some success with this ointment for re-growing a beard or mustache. Other treatments that have shown some success include Minoxidil in stronger formulas and cortisone injections or pills. One treatment called topical immunotherapy has been known to work in some cases, but is more controversial. Specialists apply chemicals such as dinitrochlorobenzene or diphencyprone on the patient's scalp to cause an allergic reaction similar to poison ivy. Unfortunately, this treatment is only available in Europe and Canada.

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