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Malaysian Hair No Tangling Virgin Curly Weave
Many people use costly hair dyes to lighten up their hair color but these dyes contain harmful chemicals which may harm your hair as well as your health. There are several home remedies to lighten hair which are completely natural and safe to practice. Everybody wants to look good and may even experiment with their hair forms and looks. Most people use expensive bleach or hair color to change the existing color of their hair. But these hair dyes are toxic and contain harsh chemicals which may affect your health. These chemicals are known to damage your scalp and hair which may result in hair loss. There are many home remedies to lighten hair which are better and natural alternatives to artificial hair dyes.Sunshine is one of the easiest and excellent home remedies to lighten hair. All you need to do is apply conditioner on your scalp and cover your body with a cloth.Also experienced by females: Traction alopecia - this is caused by harsh hair styles, for example ponytails that are pulled too tight, cornrows, braiding or too frequent use of hair extensions. These actions pull at your hair over time but loss can be helped if recognized and dealt with early on. Anagen effluvium - this is due to chemotherapy. The matrix of the hair becomes broken and results in the hair shaft narrowing, eventually splintering.Males and females can reduce or even halt hair loss or thinning, if found early enough, by using various over-the-counter treatments like: a). A shampoo that describes itself as "revitalizing/fortifying/energizing". These will nurture and guard existing hair while removing oils that can obstruct the follicles and stop re-growth. b). A daily vitamin supplement.

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