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You can modify your personal looks efficiently with the help of real human hair wigs. You can also restyle them with the help of blow dryers, curling irons and hot rollers. You need to pay a lot of care and attention to these hair pieces. Firstly, you should become familiar with your skull type because if your skull is oily, then it will provide the wig a greasy appearance. An oily skull may also result in the slipping of the wig. If you want to style your hair wig, then you can simply take the help of a gentle brush. You must never style your wig when it is wet. Regular washing can also spoil these hair pieces.The search of proper technique starts with search of an expert. It is very important to have a good expert apply fusion hair extensions. Hot technology has been used for quite some time and one can get this done at any decent place. Cold fusion hair extensions are the most modern and relatively new. If one decides for cold fusion hair extensions then rest assured that your hairs will last longer. Hot technique uses hot glue and is less durable than keratin used in cold fusion hair extensions. Though the hairs look sturdier in hot technique, there is always the problem of peeling off of hair. For the benefit of your natural hairs, cold technique is safer. This is because only hands and tapes are needed for this procedure. Synthetic hair is attached to natural hair by using keratin. You do not need to go through thermoschiptsy. One of the desires is always to have some curls.

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