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Laser Hair Therapy Can Work for Both Men and WomenLaser hair therapy can be an effective method of treating hair loss for both genders.Men and women can see positive results from the use of laser hair therapy alone or when combined with other hair loss treatments.What is laser hair therapyPatients either can have laser hair treatments done at a facility or can purchase handheld devices for use at home. Lexington International chief operating officer Randy Veliky provides us with some insight on laser hair therapy. Lexington International is the manufacturer and developer of the HairMax LaserComb, the first device to receive FDA clearance for treatment of hair loss in men and women."Laser hair therapy is a safe and effective modality for treating androgenetic alopecia -- genetic hair loss, pattern baldness," explains Veliky. "Laser is a form of light energy.The value of something also depends on the price it bears. In turn, the price will also speak about the quality of the material and on how the wig is being manufactured. If you buy the wig at higher prices, so expectedly, the quality should also be excellent. Otherwise, it's not worth the price. You can always do price comparisons of wigs of the same kind from different distributors to understand the price range of the item in the market. Take note, it should be of the same kind, material composition, construction and quality.

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