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Nowadays, everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. And this can be done by just simply removing the unwanted hair from the different area of the body. In the old days, the removal of unwanted hair was time taking, painful and expensive, but now with the evolution of laser technology you can permanently get rid of the unwanted hair on your entire body. The permanent laser hair removal works on any area of the body i.e. from underarm, face, leg, hands, shoulders, bikini line to any part of the body you like to. It has been highly effective in permanently removing the unwanted hair by the extensive research and test.Instead of actual lasers, laser replacements are used in removing unwanted hair by permanent laser hair removal. It is advisable to contact trained and expert professional of laser hair removal before, then go for permanent laser hair removal. To remove hair, precision equipment is used to send light into the follicles of hair that penetrates the melanin surrounding the follicles of hair.Hair loss is also medically known as alopecia is a state of having no hair, thinning hair or lacking hair where it commonly grows.Today, some people revealed a lot of herbs claiming it will stop hair loss and enable hair to grow are on the market and have been discuss a lot on different articles. Let us know our hair cycle and what really causes hair loss and how can we stop it.Hair Cycle or Hair GrowthHair follicle is a small complicated organ which is part of your skin. Some of the important parts are: sebaceous gland, blood and lymph vessels and arrector pilli muscle. Sebaceous gland produces sebum that protects your hair from becoming dry and brittle. However, too much produce sebum can cause oily scalp. Blood and lymph vessels are the source of energy and nutrient for your skin and hair follicles. Arrector pilli muscle is a soft muscle that is attached to your hair follicle is responsible for making our hair strands up or raising the hair to catch the heat to keep you warm.The hair grows for around 1,000 days and then rests for a period of 100 days.

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