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Synthetic wigs are hairpieces made from synthetic fibers such as plastic. Synthetic wigs should be cleaned after they have been worn about 10 times. They differ from their human hair counterparts in that they cannot be exposed to heat so you should always clean them using cold water. While there are conditioners specially designed for synthetic wigs, you can also use regular conditioner to soften and de-tangle the hair.dr marina gold reviews have shown that the two most popularoptions for hair removal are laser hair removal and AFT hair removal, whichstands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology.Laser Hair Removal- Is It For MeLasers can stop hair growth on a permanent basis but thereare a few limitations as far as success is concerned. Firstly it is onlysuitable for certain colors and textures of hair and some are not receptive tothe procedure. Your doctor will need to determine if laser hair removal is asuitable option for you.dr marina gold reviews have demonstrated that it may takemore than one treatment especially if your hair is thick or curly and you havea large area that needs to be treated. It might take a little longer than youexpected.Once a client has 聭taken to the process it is highlyeffective and very few clients ever need further treatments.Using laser disables the hair growth in the follicle, andmaking it virtually impossible for more hair to grow back.AFT Hair Removaldr marina gold reviews have shown remarkable results withAFT hair removal, which is a new innovation in beauty therapy and skin care.

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