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In fact, planning your holiday costumes these days is no longer the tedious and time-consuming task it used to be, not when you can buy wigs online and have access to a great selection of cheap wigs that are of high quality.These days, however, wigs are more popular as fashion accessories, popularized by music superstar Lady Gaga who never seems to go out in public without wearing one that matches her flamboyant wardrobe choices. Singers like Cher and Dolly Parton have been known to change their looks every so often with wigs that are either straight, curly or coiffed. Some people even put up hair style shows or contests that show off spectacular and elaborately-designed wigs that are weaved along with the modelsreal hair, all in the name of mane and all just to prove how wigs have become so much a part of fashion.In case the problem arises from a genetic factor, healthy hair gets replaced by hair with smaller diameter and length. A follicular unit contains 1-2 fine vellus hairs, oil glands, a small muscle and a collagen band surrounding the unit.A follicular unit represents the skin's hair bearing structure. Its role is to ensure maximum growth of the hair. The basic concept of follicular hair transplants says that a follicular unit is a physiological unit, and not a histological one. The advantages of this technique The advantages of this hair transplantation process include natural looking hair, more effective surgery thanks to stereoscopic microscopes for dissection, damage avoidance to the follicular unit, etc. The disadvantage of the process One disadvantage of the process is that it is a time consuming one.

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