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Your baby's hair is important. Establishing a good regimen for your baby's hair is the key tosetting a firm foundation in successful hair growth. Using the right black baby hair care to make your baby's hair grow is the key to setting up the building blocks for achieving long, beautiful, healthy hair for your baby. Braiding is good for your baby's hair as long as the braids are not too tight. Braiding the hair too tight pulls on the scalp and can cause headaches, unnecessary tension and severe hair loss, even at a young age. It also can have a negative impact on the hair, pulling it out of the scalp by the roots causing thinness around the edges and hairline and then traumatic baldness.Cancer is a terrible illness and those suffering with the disease also must endure the chemotherapy which is used as a cancer treatment. Chemo is received in a several treatments of a period of time. The treatment destroys the cells of cancer, but also can damage normal healthy cells. One of the side effects when getting chemotherapy is hair loss. Many search for ways to cover their head after hair loss occurs. Some individuals choose to wear a chemo cap which is fits snug to the head. There are several other alternates for coverings and will depend on personal preference.Damage to the hair follicles from the chemo is what causes the hair loss. For the majority of people undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss is expected. For some it will start to fall out in large clumps or it may start with only small amounts.

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