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Cap construction: 10/10 The cap construction of the Amber wig has a monofilament panel on top, creating a soft and comfortable base. The back and sides are machine made weft giving a soft and comfortable fit and then the whole wig is adjusted at the back with elasticated strips. For me personally, the method of adjustment is perfect - fabric backed with Velcro rather than metal loops, which helps prevents irritation to the excema which sometimes results from wig wearing! The adjustable nape also means it fits me better and feels much more secure given my non-average head measurements!Is hair loss really THAT normal Hair loss is normal if the hair cycle is going smoothly but if it is disrupted by some factors, it will already be abnormal. Alopecia or baldness is a condition that has no cure. What you can get in the market are only remedies; products and solutions that can prevent further hair loss. In order to discover the right treatment that is suited to your condition, you must understand the cause of hair loss. The hair cycle is divided into phases; the prominent phases are the dormant and growing phase. When your hair is already in the dormant phase, it will eventually fall off after some time. After the hair falls off, a new hair will grow. Every day, you shed approximately 1000 strands of hair. This is but normal but if new hair doesn't grow back, you definitely have a problem. Hair loss can happen to anyone, men and women, young and old. There are various causes of hair loss and it differs from one person to another. In order to discover the cause of your hair loss, you must consult a doctor. For information purposes, here are some of the major causes of hair loss.

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