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Rodolfo Valentin salons are listed as one of the top hair salons in NYC, with outlets in Madison Avenue and Long Island. For those of you located close to NY, we suggest taking a little trip to visit his salon, where they say the first visit is like a dream. Visitors are treated akin to royalty, where the salon's calming interiors and congenial staff, are ready to make you feel at home in their spalike haven.Whether you male or female, fine, thinning hair can be a source of embarrassment. When your scalp beings to peek through the strands of your hair, you may need to investigate the source of your thinning hair, especially if it a sudden occurrence. Male pattern baldness is the most common reason for thinning hair in men, according to MedlinePlus. Even if you a woman with fine, thin hair, it could simply be genetics that causes hair to grow finely, thin with age or fall out altogether. For instance, if you routinely use track hair extensions, you could be afflicted with a thinning called "traction alopecia," which is a thinning or balding near the crown of the head due to excessive pulling and braiding, notes the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. HallFlavin. When you experience something stressful, such as a death in the family, a divorce or a highstress job, your growing hairs are pushed into a resting phase instead of continuing the growth cycle, so your hair appears to be finer and thinner.

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