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Hair loss can be a pretty devastating condition to most people. It does not only invoke ridicule but also un-acceptance and too many emotional scars. Imagine having to introduce these disturbing society norms to a child! There could be nothing more upsetting for a child than to know that he is different and the world would not let him fit in. The conditions that normally trigger hair loss in children are Trichotillomania and alopecia due to being exposed to chemo radiation. Although children may have fewer problems when dealing with hair loss as compared to socially active adults, still, they are not resilient to stares and taunting. There are some studies that have been made wherein children are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions when it comes to their hair loss.French braids look mesmerizing for any formal event. If you are proud of your long hair and want to show off your long Rapunzellike tresses, French braid is the answer. You can create a French braid by taking small and equal strands of pieces of hair from each side of the head. Then twist these strands into a braid and as you go along the hair, continue braiding, taking strands from either side. This is one great formal prom hairstyles for long hair, which will help you create a romantic, yet sophisticated look.

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