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If you have long hair that you want to style, you know the importance of quality hair appliances. Whether you are looking to straighten or curl your hair, it is important to have the best tools to make your hair look fabulous. If you are a person with straight hair that wants to glam up with some curls, there are many curling irons available to give you the look you want. Or, if you are a stylist who wants to replace your old appliances or update your salon with new, professional quality curling irons, it is important to do research so you can be assured you are supplying your salon with the best there is.Ceramic hair irons are becoming very popular among hair care professional and individuals who style their hair at home. Ceramic irons have a ceramic barrels on the part of the iron to which your hair is exposed. This allows moisture to be infused into your hair as your curl it. This feature also helps reduce or eliminate static and frizz. This is especially important for fine, brittle, dry or damaged hair.The first 2 videos are from a girl named Nicole. The first video focuses on dyeing your hair red without pre-bleaching it. (This does not mean you don't have to bleach your hair AT ALL to get it red, it just means that you can bleach it at the same time as you dye it, basically. One less step, saving you a bit of time.) Her second video focuses on touch ups & maintenance, since red hair is notoriously difficult to keep up.

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