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The creams can be bought for a few dollars at any drug store.ElectrolysisElectrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. A needle is placed in a hair follicle and electric current is delivered to the follicle. This damages the hair, and it does not return. This method works well for small localized areas of hair, but can be time consuming and costly for large patches, as each hair must be done individually. Also, if the needle is not inserted just right, the hair may need to be retreated, and often an area must be treated three to four times before the hair is permanently removed. While the needle should not puncture the skin, electrolysis can be painful. It is recommended that electrolysis be done by a professional; home treatment methods are difficult and generally unsuccessful.LaserLaser hair removal is another permanent hair removal method.Measure the distance between the top of one ear to the top of the other ear crossing the top of the head. Take the measurement from the front of the hairline to the nape of the neck. Have the hair up when you measure because that is where the hair will be when you install the wig. If you have a standard-sized head, you can get away with ordering from the shelf, but this should not be priced as 'custom'-made. Make sure you use the same unit of measure (inches, centimetres or millimetres) as the wig manufacturer.Match ColourCheck the color of the scalp tone and the skin tone; these can be two different colors. Make sure you determine the amount of grey to add to match the sides of the hair. Taking time to add color details with give you a more authentic-looking wig. Choose a Practical StyleMake sure that you can style it by yourself whether you are in a hurry or if you have extra time.

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