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We offer the following fusion human hair extensions: * Great Lengths Hair Extensions * Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions * Great Lengths Air Pressure Fusion Extensions * HairDreams Fusion Hair Extensions * HairDreams Laser Hair Extensions * LuxHair Hair Extensions * SoCap Hair Extensions USA * SoCap Hair Extensions Original * SoCap Hair Extensions Europe * Our Custom Fusion Hair Extensions * Mega Hair ExtensionsThe above hair extensions methods are popular for making long hair short. You can have a hair extension that is ideal for short hair, black hair, blonde hair, curly hair, African American Hair Extensions, Black Hair Extensions, Scene Hair Extensions, Pink Hair Extensions, and Yaki Hair Extensions in our Hair Extensions Salon. There are no limits to what you can do.Many people, who come into our hair salon, do not want Fusion hair Extensions, but instead opt for an adjustable hair extension type, or a reusable hair extension types. Here your options are multiple at our NYC Hair Extensions Salon.To see any results, you will likely have to take hair growth products for an extended period of time, and more than likely, will never be able to stop taking them unless you are willing to experience hair loss again. This is important to think of before investing a lot of money on hair growth products.The chemical hair loss products all have possible side effects, and it is unlikely you will not experience any. They range from itchy and irritated scalp (Rogaine) to possible sexual side effects (Propecia). In this case, natural products are a better option, because side effects are either non-existant, or very light. Last of all, to use one of the major hair growth products, you will have to be willing to pay a minimum of $30 a month, which is more or less what Propecia, Rogaine, and Procerin cost per month. If you don't want to pay this much, you can try some of the other natural hair growth products, but seeing any serious results is unlikely.Choosing the correct hair growth product is crucial, and is different for each individual.

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