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The part that makes it not okay is not the band itself; it`s what is on the band. There are two designs of this product, one is a massive bow made out of ribbons that kind of dangles in front of your eyes, while the other has a huge tangle of ribbons and feathers protruding from the front of the band. This look is not recommended unless you are doing some kind of Broadway show, and even then it`s questionable!The other accessory that is not very flattering for any hair type is the banana clip. These clips were brought out in the 80`s and while they looked good in their day, they somehow never faded out like the padded shirts and wooden shoes. These clips do not make any hair style look nice.For hair accessories that work, many people are turning to clips with a design or pattern on them. These clips can be made out of jewelry or bead and can be in a shape such as a butterfly. They usually have a pattern of colors on them and sit well in the hair. They look nice because they add a little color to the head where there usually might not be any.Head bands when worn properly look amazing on any hair length.Certainly not many people are suited to some sort of head of hair transplant procedure or perhaps want to undergo surgical treatment. Micro pigmentation tattooing continues to be utilized to create the style regarding hair, possibly seeing that stubble or perhaps strands whilst head of hair replacement devices,hair parts and wigs can give this false impression of an entire head of hair.

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