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Not only do hair replacement used for chemotherapy baldness look good锟?but they help people going through very difficult times. The concept of chemotherapy wigs made of donated, human hair is almost heroic. Perhaps even more than any other kind of hair replacement wig, human hair will look the very best. The purpose is to do the very best possible job of making sure that the person undergoing agonizing treatment can live as actively as possible, look great, and feel more confident wearing their human hair wigs.Children especially do not want to stand out, there is often no tolerance for the unusual in elementary schools. Children can be very cruel. A hair replacement wig will help a child feel more like the others in their schools or day-camps etc. In anyone鈥檚 case, as he or she battles the horrors of chemotherapy, believe it or not, chemotherapy wigs can be a primary concern. When the purpose of finding hair replacement wigs for chemotherapy, not for your self but for a chemotherapy patient, you are truly warming someone鈥檚 heart.There is a TV show in China called " Your Face Sounds Familiar". The actors imitate the famous stars, singing or acting. It's the first imitation show in China, which makes the show widely spread in China. It's funny and surprising.This show is amazing. We may see the "celebrities" all of the world appearing on the screen. The actors imitated the celebrities like the real ones. A man could imitate a beautiful actress. A woman imitated Michael Jackson. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the imitator who is a man or a woman. It depended on not only their looks but also their acting. But how can a man imitated a woman with a long hair? It's impossible that a man's short hair became long only in one night. Wigs helped them greatly. Wigs are widely used. We can see wigs in televisions, films and theaters. In addition, we may use in our daily life, like masquerades or Halloween. There are two kinds of wigs, Human Hair Wig and Synthetic Hair Wig, as to their materials. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but they look like natural hair.

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