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Short Hair Styles For Women Over 40
It is a known fact that one in four women has oily hair. Oily hair is a nuisance and using the wrong hair products and hair styles can only make the matter worse. However, oily hair can be managed and there are some small secrets to styling oily hair that can give great results. Apart from trying homemade remedies and herbal treatments you can try the following tricks. 1. When we think about hair, we think shampoo. This is the most used product for hair but have you ever wondered if shampoo can actually make hair oily It can. Although the hair is clean and shiny after you wash it, there is an invisible residue on your scalp and hair left by your shampoo and conditioner. The first rule for oily hair is to never use conditioner on your hair roots but only on the tips of your hair if necessary. As for shampoo use a clear one that has less chemicals or an herbal extract one like nettle or sage shampoo. Wash your hair gently and don't massage your scalp too much.2. Choose to comb instead of brush if you have oily scalp and hair.It will help keep the hair moisturized and protect your locks from the high heats given off by the flat iron. Also, its very basic but buying quality shampoos and conditioners are also very important. Basic hair care starts with the cleanliness and health of your hair. Buying shampoos and conditioners can give you both if you buy the right kind for your hair type. Pay attention to the labeling on the bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Often, the products were specially formulated to treat a certain hair type.Karmin Hair Straighteners come in different plate sizes and colors. If you have short hair or need a flat iron to take care of tiny details of hair styling, a sleek version with smaller plates is the best bet. For long or thick hair, buy the flat iron with the biggest plates as it will cover a bigger area of hair as it is straightening.Also, Karmin Hair Flat Irons come in different assortments of formulas. The flat irons may feature ceramic, titanium, ionic, or tourmaline energies to help your hair achieve maximum straightness and shine. Pick the one that is right for you and your hair type.

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