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, who is associate instructor of dermatology at the University of California, Los Angeles, was interested in replicating the technique. Dr. Umar maintains a clinic in Redondo Beach, Calif., where two patients were looking to improve on their previous hair transplant surgery. Both were specifically dissatisfied with the appearance of their hairlines (the place where hair meets the forehead), which Umar reportedly fixed by transplanting between 1,500 and 1,800 leg hair follicles. While body hair may be different from what grows from the scalp, the two patients were pleased with the end result.he hairline was fully grown and soft-looking by nine months,Dr. Umar told a writer for The New York Times, explaining that one of the patients tarted combing his hair backward and sporting a ponytail, exposing his hairline comfortably.In eight subsequent cases (one of whom is a woman), the technique reportedly has worked equally well. In each, says Umar, traditional hair transplants were ineffective or unworkable because of scar tissue or lack of donor hair.Professional people, researchers, students, new people and are blessed with the notion of real-time search engines. They get the recent information on the issue that assists them a good deal in-the professional side. Consulting experts and customer care executive can give the up-to-date information about the respective issues to the clients with real-time search-engines. At present there are numerous real time search engines in-the web. Search engine giants are yet to turn out against the real encounters or real-time search engines.

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