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If you do not know the reason for the hair fall or hair loss, you may not get the right treatment. Hence it is essential that you search for the right reason. A good hair fall product is effective to give you positive results without leaving any side effects. The best remedy helps you t get your lost hair back.There are several products that claim to give you dense hair, and they often fail. However, it is really thrilling when you get a right product that is truly meant for you. An effective hair loss product regains your hair without leaving any adverse effect, promoting your hair growth, and maintains the results once the treatment is finished.The moment you examine severe loss of hair, you start searching for the product to manage or stop the hair fall completely. And at times this can be upsetting; trying too many products devoid of waiting for the results from an earlier one can be very damaging. Any product needs sometime to prove the actual results, and you need to have a positive attitude towards the therapy with a lot of patience.It might surprise you to discover that human hair can be found in 10 different varieties. There are 4 main hair types and each one of those can have up to 3 subtypes. All that variety can lead to confusion when it comes to buying the proper hair styling products.The first hair type is straight hair which is not easy to style or shape. The reason is the cuticles that form the hair itself are lined up in such a way as to keep the hair straight and stiff. That extra protection is what gives straight hair resistance to styling. If straight hair does get damaged, from being over styled for example, it normally is dry and easily broken.There are 3 kinds of straight hair; course, medium and fine. Course hair is the thickest and most resistant to being styled. Next is medium straight hair which has lots of body and texture but less so than course hair. Fine hair is the 3rd subtype. It tends to be very soft and shiny although it also can be quite thin.The next hair type is wavy hair. This hair is not quite straight and not quite curly. The strands of hair typically form S patterns in the waves.

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