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Lace top wigs are significantly hard-wearing too. You barely might carry on with its upkeep requisites as well as your ribbons top wig might survive right up until 6 weeks to 1 year. one of the best point about it is the reality that keeping the wig is not laborious, getting treatment of it is hassle-free and with correct care, your ribbons top wig could final longer.Avoid frequent applications of chemicals to the hair: Using shampoos, gels and conditioners that are satiated with harmful chemicals can adversely affect your hair. You need to be aware to what you are applying to your hair. Using good hair care products, specifically herbal products, can prove to be a significant step in the prevention of hair loss.Do not go for extreme hairstyles: If you choose to have different and extreme hairstyles on a daily basis, you are consequently putting a lot of strain on your hair. It is wise to implement changes on a weekly or monthly basis, especially when you experience the onset of hair fall.Eat nutritious food: You need minor slight modifications in your daily diet by incorporating ingredients that help in the growth of hair. Some hair-friendly ingredients are carrots, oats, walnuts, eggs and green peas.Cut down excessive exposure to sunlight, rain water and pollution as it may make the hair brittle, limp and dry.Men who are suffering from the progressive condition of male pattern baldness are generally advised prescription oral medications to deal with their hair loss.

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