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Dealing with Hair ThinningMany people resign themselves to the fate of going bald. Others do whatever they can to cover up the loss by changing styles or using sprays. Others will seek the help of their physician and use medication or topical treatments, but these are not without side effects. Many people are turning toward natural products such as supplements to treat their hair loss. Natural products have few if any side effects and are less expensive than other treatments. Still others simply use wigs, hair pieces, weaves, or extensions to give the illusion of a full head of hair.If the treatment is the result of medication such as that used in chemotherapy or radiation, pregnancy, childbirth, or thyroid problems once these situations are done, hair will grow back. It may take some time to get acceptable results.Hair loss is or can be an emotional problem for some.If a person is interested in a ponytail, then she would require a full lace hair system preferably with ear to ear stretch.Most Widely Available Lace Types of Lace Hair Systems:Most of the lace hair systems available in the market are either with a Swiss Lace or a French Lace. The difference between these two types is the quality of the wig. In French lace hair systems, the material used for the lace is made of a very strong material which goes undetectable. It is used in combination of bleached knots which create an illusion of growing hair. However, Swiss lace has an upper hand over French lace as it not only more delicate, but also highly undetectable.Types of Hair Used in Lace Hair Systems:When it comes to hair, two types of hair are generally found in the construction of the hair system: synthetic hair and natural human hair.

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