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Men go bald and they want to hide this fact by hiding what they lack with additional hair. Others may suffer from cancer. The treatment for cancer will cause severe hair loss and wearing a wig is also beneficial for the recovery process while the hair grows back. Other diseases may cause permanent hair loss which can be hidden with a nice wig.However, we are here to talk about how short and long wigs are manufactured. You may have noticed that I called the manufacturing of custom head-pieces art. This is because it takes a lot of time and skill to create something that looks great on someone else head. The first part of the wigs manufacturing process is measuring the head of the person who will wear it. If there is any hair present on the head, the hair will be secured against the head and various measurements will be taken. Sometimes plastic caps can be placed over the head and a copy of the head shape can be created. Short and long wigs have a framework that the hairs are attached to. This cap serves as a base for the wig and it consists of lace or netting.Shiny hair can be a great asset for someone especially for women. In many cases shiny hair cant be obtained using cosmetic products because these dont always work as advertised. Shiny hair can be a great asset for someone. It is important especially for women because it makes them look better and it increases their level of self-esteem. In numerous cases shiny hair cant be obtained using cosmetic products because these dont always work as advertised. Home remedies for shiny hair are more effective and they are used by more and more women. Mayonnaise is a classic home remedy for the hair. It makes it shiny and healthy. Applying it on the hair can be a little messy, but most women are ignoring this aspect because they love the results they obtain.It might sound funny, but beer is among the best home remedies for shiny hair. All you have to do is to rinse you hair with beer and this will give it a natural shine. You can do the same thing with tea and you will also obtain great results.Coconut oil is been used for keeping the hair and the scalp healthy for ages.

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