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Virgin Hair Lace Front Wigs With Natural Part
Have you ever wondered why hair extensions are easily damaged Or why is it so important to use products that are specifically designed for hair extension use The answer is quite simple. We all know that using chemicals and heat when bleaching, dyeing, blow drying, straightening, or curling hair causes damage. We can often see the damage and sometimes even the debris that is caused to our hair during brushing and after styling. But what makes hair extensions even more vulnerableThe main difference between our hair and humanhair extensions are that the hair extensions are cut hair. They are often stripped of cuticles and oils, which means they don have any protection. Without the protection of the natural oils, the hair in hair extensions becomes vulnerable to damage. In addition, many hair extensions are color treated, which inevitably damages the hair. The hair fibers that are damaged or stripped of cuticles and grooves are weakened and lead not only to split ends and breakage but also swelling. Healthy hair generally repels water but damaged hair will absorb it causing the hair follicles to swell up.A quality real hair wig will feature hair with the cuticle intact and points or 'tips' at the end - just like natural hair. It's a common mistake that this type of wig is more resilient. If anything, hair should be treated with even more care - if you accidentally pull out a hair when brushing, remember, it can't be replaced! A useful rule of thumb is to treat real hair wigs just like human skin: avoid exposing to sun for prolonged periods; avoid very wet or windy weather; always use a special shampoo and conditioner and, if possible, only use heated appliances wherever necessary!

Full Lace Front Wigs
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