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Virgin Human Hair Light Yaki Full Handmade Wigs
The hair has a natural growth cycle that makes room for a rest or telogen phase for your hair follicle. If the hair follicle has been damaged and abused, the hair follicle will remain dormant rather than entering into a growth phase. The more follicles that remain in a dormant stage, the more noticeable hair loss will become in the areas that have endured the most weight and tension from the extensions. This is largely noticeable around the hairline where the roots of the hair are already more weak than the rest of the head. In addition, the crown of the head is affected because drawstring ponytails or tight ponytails apply stress there.How replacement works with regards to the process The new hair are very carefully and precisely designed and selected so that they will suit natural colour, thickness, length as well as the direction of the customers' hair. Every system is done by hand. We also need to know how replacement works with regards to the binding. The hair are fixed onto a special, thin, net-like base at various structure, with regards to the selected design. Here, your hair are fixed using a special technique in order that very natural result can be achieved.

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