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One method chosen by women around the world to change their appearance from time to time is wearing a wig. Changing hair color and or style in a temporary fashion that can be changed back quickly and easily is one advantage of a wig. Replacing lost hair due to illness or natural thinning is the other. Lace front or full lace wigs are the top of the line in wig manufacture today.Lace wigs are built around a base of very fine lace that is completely invisible to the naked eye when the wig is completed. Real strands of human hair are individually tied onto the lace to make it appear that the hair is growing from the scalp of the wearer. With the use of certain bonding agents and or tapes, the lace wigs can be worn for days or weeks at a time without having to remove them.Lace wigs have the distinct advantage over older types of wigs due to their construction method and choice of genuine hair. Lace wigs can be styled, permed, colored, or any other alteration that a woman would do to her own natural hair without losing the appearance of being her own her. KeraPro Restorative Dry to Very Dry Shampoo : If you have extremely dry hair, then you will want to use their Restorative Shampoo designed for dry to very dry hair. This provides not only the proteins to necessary to repair damaged hair but it also provides extra bit of nourishment. This gentle cleanser is truly amazing. KeraPro Restorative Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair : This is a conditioner is specially formulated for damaged or weak hair. By restoring lost moisture, Restorative Conditioner provides superior strength to your hair. After using this product, you immediately feel the difference. Your hair will be soft and shiny hair and you can see the result in a very short time. Just massage gently through the lengths and leave it there for few minutes. Then wash it with fresh water. You will love the results. KeraPro Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry Hair : This is another incredible product offered by KeraPro for dry, damaged hair.

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