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Perhaps you are experiencing significant hair thinning, hair loss or total hair loss If so, a custom-made ladies wig could be the best product investment you'll ever make! Not only is this type of wig available in real, 100% human hair if you wish, it is also made from a cast of your own head - which means that nothing will provide a better, more secure fit. Custom-made real hair wigs can also be coloured and cut according to your own wishes. As you can imagine, a custom-made wig is more expensive than a ready-to-wear fibre wig but you will also benefit from longevity, a very realistic appearance and a second to none fit. If you have long term hair loss, a custom-made wig is definitely worth your consideration.If you have had a damaged hair problem like any ofthe young girls that keep writing to the magazine columns, look no further thanthis article. Keep your hair shiny, soft and smooth by following these simpletips to tackle damaged hair. If you are looking for treatment for your damaged hair that has beentroubling you, all you may need is a return to the basics. A fewminutes spent every day in caring for your hair, a slightly differentlifestyle and using natural products may make more of a difference inreturning your hair to its healthy best than you thought possible.Whatever you may have thought of her as a teenager, the tips yourmother gave you are still as valid today as they were then. Read on tolearn simple things to improve your damaged hair.Keep those Chemicals away: Reduce the use of chemicals as far as youcan.

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