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Bonding is a procedure where bonding glue is applied on one end of the hair extension, thereafter it is bonded on your hair root. This process is so easy that it is just like putting on a false eyelash. Hair extensions attached using this method can be easily removed using a glue remover especially designed for glued hair extensions.Weaving, which is the most popular form of attaching hair extensions, is when tracks or cornrows of your natural hair are made close to the scalp then the hair extensions are sewn or weaved into these tracks. Some experts assert that if you have badly damaged hair, this might be the best method of putting on a hair extension since your real hair will be enclosed in the hair extensions.Fusion, also known as the hot glue gun method involves exactly that. The hair extensions are fastened to your hair using a hot glue gun. The hot glue is applied to the hair extensions then attached to your hair. This process is quite costly and labor-intensive because the whole process can take up to 6 hours.A few hair extensions are pre-tipped with some glue.Applying the solution twice daily is enough or as often as prescribed by your physician. It is important to allow the solution to dry before doing your hair style.Another chemical choice for hair loss is the Provillus which helps the re-growth of your hair without the need for hair transplant. It is simple to use and will treat hair loss due to hereditary factors. The Provillus consists of a natural base of vitamins and minerals as well as herbs to cure the problem of hair loss. If the reason for your hair loss is due to treatment of cancer or the result of an illness or medications, the product Provillus will not be able to help as this is a two-part system. This will just maximize the advantage of the hair loss treatment. Solution should be applied twice a day, and then a capsule may be taken twice a day.Provillus is another chemical choice for hair re-growth without the requirement of a hair transplant. Provillus focuses on the genetics in trying to cure hair loss. It contains natural vitamins and minerals as well as selected herbs to combat the problem of hair loss and thinning hair.

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