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Apart from the aforementioned solutions, you can find the following treatments across UKMinoxidil Lotion is applied on the scalp that helps in stimulating the hair growth within 12 weeks only. As we have seen that some of the medicines take a year to show its effect. Also Dithranol cream is clinically proven to improve the hair growth. This hair cream is applied on the scalp and it takes quite some time to show its effect. As there are others treatments also available in market that are tried and tested to usher in maximum positive results as compared to above treatment process. Its 100% natural and safe components make an ideal solution for hair loss cure with no reasons to worry about skin allergies. Active DHT inhibitors present in it help in blocking 5-alpha reductase that play hostile to natural hair growth. Thus, with so many qualities and combination of zinc, vitamins, alpha acids and oleic acids ensure that you enjoy sufficient and stimulating growth of hair on which you can be proud of. Consult with your dermatologist or skin care specialist who can suggest you why hairs are becoming thin.Ten to twelve glasses of water keep the internal system flushes and eliminate toxins. Great for your entire system and hair.3.Protein intake is necessary through consumption of leafy green vegetables, fruits and dairy products.4.Brahmi oil is great for a lustrous hair.5.Condition your hair twice in a week. Never apply conditioner to the hair roots which aggravates hair fall.6.Vitamins, iron, protein and other nutrients must be present in your food. Spinach keeps you and your hair hearty and healthy.7.Increase the intake of zinc. This prevents hair loss and premature greying. Food items like wholegrain flour contain zinc.8.Surprisingly, copper, stops hair fall. Contained in the blood serum, it prevents hair fall. Peanuts, cashew nuts, beans, whole milk and seeds contain copper. Have them to check hair loss.9.Mix lavender and bay oil with almond or sesame oil and massage on your scalp.10.Massage your head, everyday, for a few minutes. It increases blood circulation followed by healthy hair and reduced hair fall.11.Boiled with burdock and nettle, these are wonderful for your hair.12.

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