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Although these days it is very common to see men with shining pates, and indeed it is the default hairstyle of many men with thinning hair, for some reason it is still considered to be a something about which men feel ashamed. They feel that the loss of their hair is somehow tied into their macho image and that they will cease to be attractive to women if they have a bald head. Of course this is not always true as there are many bald men who are deemed to be amongst the most attractive in the world, and not all are Hollywood celebrities.However if you feel that you really do need some help in this area of hair loss there are a few treatments that you can try which may make a difference. There are some lotions and creams which some people claim really does make the hear grow back on your head, although for every genuine treatment you find, there will be at least another twenty which are do not work and are just a waste of your money, efforts and hopes.The one sure way of regaining hair on your head once it has said goodbye to you, is with the use of cosmetic surgery and hair transplant procedures.Traditionally, pharmaceutical marketers have sought to differentiate medications according to their functional attributes. For example, Kos Pharmaceuticals has differentiated its cholesterol medication, Niaspan, by focusing on the fact that it significantly raises "good" or HDL cholesterol. Other cholesterol medications like Lipitor primarily lower "bad" or LDL cholesterol.

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