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Chemotherapy: Any impairment in the metabolism process of the hair follicle leads to a kind of hair loss called anagen effluvium. Mostly, such impairments are caused by chemotherapy. The reason is that chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cancerous cells. Along with this, other rapidly dividing cells in our body, which are absolutely normal, also get affected. Cells in the hair follicles, which are in the anagen phase of growth, are one of them. Anagen effluvium is the term assigned to such a type of hair loss.If you are still unsure about which wig to choose, though, our advice is to go for a top-quality human hair wig, if you intend it to become your new style and wear it every day. Real hair wigs are definitely the better option for people who need a wig because of hair loss. On the other hand, choose a synthetic wig, if your intention is to have fun with your look and change your image, once in awhile.

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