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The reason that hair transplantation can be so successful is that each follicular unit is complete and can be removed and replaced to a new location in much the same way you transplant a garden plant with its roots attached.7.A person's individual hair growth cycle, which can last from two to seven years, dictates his or her ultimate hair length, if it was not cut for that long. The "anagen" phase is a period of active growth and hair follicle regeneration. The "catagen" phase is when that follicle stops growing new hair, which often results in natural, normal hair shedding. Next is the "telogen" (resting) phase, in which the follicle remains dormant for a few months until it is reawakened by a new anagen growth phase. "Exogen" is the term that describes hair shedding as old hairs become dislodged by new ones, which usually takes place at the onset of a new anagen phase.8.You can use this herbal oil to grow long, thick and healthy locks.Renowned healthcare experts worldwide have recommended Hylix herbal oil for the treatment of dandruff, scalp infection and hair loss.How to apply Hylix oil to prevent hair lossYou are advised to apply herbal oil to the scalp and massage it gently with your fingers before going to sleep. Keep the oil overnight and rinse it off next day morning. Therefore, regular use of this herbal oil offers safe and natural way to prevent hair fall trouble. Only tested and proven herbs are used in the manufacture of this herbal oil. You can use this herbal oil without any fear of side effects. You need to use this herbal oil for three to four months to see effective hair growth results.

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