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Leavein conditioner is simply a hair care product that is to be applied over your locks after shower. Unlike the regular conditioners that you use after shampoo and wash off soon, this product is designed to stay on your hair. The application process is no different, as you just have to spread it on your tresses with your fingers. While styling curly hair is a tough task, leavein conditioners can be helpful in making them more manageable and easy to style. These are a favorite of many ladies who prefer these over other styling and taming products, like gels and mousse. Just as you choose a specially formulated shampoo, it is best to use a conditioner specially designed for your type of hair.Shampoos and conditions are not enough.聽 To make sure that you are giving your crown of glory attention, you have to be aware that nutrition plays a very important role in having terrific, shining hair. Unlike the skin, hair cannot repair itself: but you can achieve new, healthier hair growth.The first thing to do is examine your diet.聽 Does it contain fish, wheat germ, yeast, and liver?聽 It should! The vitamins and minerals that these foods supply are what your hair needs, along with frequent scalp massage, a good pH balance, protein-enriched shampoo and supplementsSupplements:Multivitamin-mineral complex ~ 1 daily: Take after any meal. B vitamins are essential for hair growth.B complex ~ 100 mg (time released) ~ 1 daily:聽 Take after any meal. Pantothenic acid, folic acid, and PABA help restore gray hair to its natural color.Vitamin A ~ 10,000 IU ~ 1-2 daily, 5 days per week:聽 Take AM and PM. Works alongside vitamin B to keep hair shiny. Keep in mind that you need some fatty acids, vitamin B and choline in your body for Vitamin A to survive.Cysteine ~ 1 g. daily with 3 g. vitamin C: Take between meals with juice.

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