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Rapid hair loss can happen when a person is suffering from diabetes. Understand the relationship between diabetes and losing hair better with this article. It is common knowledge that diabetes can result to hair loss. Diabetes as most people know is a disorder that can affect the hormonal balance of the body and which can actually adversely affect normal hair growth as well. In many instances, losing hair prematurely or rapidly may be the first sign that a person is suffering from diabetes.Diabetes DefinedDiabetes is a condition where the body can not metabolize sugar properly. Sudden increases or decreases in a person's insulin level is quite common with diabetes and if not properly diagnosed or treated, diabetes can lead to other complications as well. It may lead to slow regeneration of cells, which manifests in slow healing of wounds or replenishment of hair cells. This is one of the reasons why rapid hair loss happens with people who have diabetes.Diabetes can also lower a person's immunity from other infections.Getting hair extensions done has become a common trend among young women who have deep interest in fashion. These extensions are usually made from natural hair made sourced from different parts of the world. While having an extension done, you need to be careful enough to go for the one which goes well with the type of hair you have. At present, Russian hair extensions are very popular in UK. As compared to Asian and European hair, the ones which are imported from Russia do not undergo any type of chemical processing. One special feature of this type of extensions is that they remain silky even if you apply colour on them. As compared to virgin human hair from other parts of Europe, Russian hair is softer and is ideal for women with blonde locks. But you may need to spend a large sum in order to have Russian hair extensions done. This is because; the supply of raw virgin human hair is less as compared to the ones which are imported from other parts of the world.

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