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When it comes to color, the easiest choice is to pick what your natural hair color is, or something close to it. You can choose a color with highlights or low lights if you want something a bit different. But don't be afraid to try on colors that may be the opposite of what you are, so a blonde wig for a natural brunette and vice versa. Now is the time to really experiment with those other colors.Our lace wigs are made with synthetic fiber blended with high quality human hair. A synthetic lace wig is a great opportunity for anyone interested in buying a lace wig, but not sure if it suits them. He encourages customers curious to test the product and style, without spending much money. Our synthetic lace wigs are very affordable and versatile. They can be straightened, blow dryer, curly, and washed like regular lace wigs.You can get a wig lace synthesis from Our Store in the form of a lace front wig or full lace wig. However, please note that currently we only have in stock lace front wigs.Synthetic lace front wig:Synthetic lace front wigs are made on a regular basis a wig, but front side (ear to ear) of the lace wig is made of Swiss, which is a type of very thin and undetectable lace. Lace front wigs can not be placed in a high ponytail, but they can be placed in a ponytail and style.Synthetic lace wig:Full lace synthetic wigs are a wig made as usual, but the entire perimeter of the wig is made of lace Swiss, which is a type of very thin and undetectable lace.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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