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But it seems many African-American women will go to any length to wear "straight hair" even if it costs them their own natural hair.Black women's hair has been a long-standing topic of discussion and subject of intense debate.Critics attack the multi-billion dollar industry and say "weave" has become a passage to acceptance within the dominate cultures' perception of beauty. The majority of black women, though, would say they are not trying to look "white" but wear fake hair to look "good" and give their real hair a break.Oh! My Nappy Hair, a salon in Atlanta, specializes in the styling, care and maintenance of Nappy Hair but also offers chemical hairstyles.Erica Blevins-Richardson, the co-founder, says they deal with all types of hair from nappy to finer textures.Advanced hair inhibitor solutions such as Hair No More on the other hand offer an affordable solution to unwanted body hair. As they make use of natural ingredients, they are safe on skin as well.About Hair No More hair removal productHair No More Inhibitor Spray by Skin Doctors is gentle and effective hair inhibitor solution that is designed to slow down and even stop the hair re-growth altogether. Consistent use of Hair No More will alter the appearance of hair that re-grows. The darker, thicker hair on your body will be replaced by finer, thinner hairs similar to that on babies and will therefore not be as much visible. Further, they will be much easier to deal with. A well-researched concoction of exotic plant enzymes, Hair No More Inhibitor Spray diminishes the size of hair follicle to that hair re-growth is slowed down and in some cases totally inhibited.

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