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Lack of vitamins too can lead to hair loss and pre-mature graying of hair. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables primarily leafy vegetables will help curb hair loss. Spinach and fenugreek are strongly recommended for healthy hair. Indian gooseberry and mangoes are hair-friendly fruit that one must eat in abundance (go easy on the mangoes though).Besides a rich diet intake, healthy hair needs regular cleansing and conditioning to remove dirt and sebum which affect the health of hair by getting struck and closing the pores. While cleansing or conditioning, it is better to use the useful natural based professional hair care products available in the market. Studies have confirmed that herbal cleansers are the best form of hair care and hair growth products needed for healthy hair.Lily was surfing online when an advertisement caught her eyes. It was a Pantene's advertisement focused on hair donation. It said many women lost their beautiful hair as a result of cancer and it was unfair for them to be bald. In order to give their beauty back, Pantene launched a campaign calling on people to donate their hair to produce high quality wigs. Lily was moved by this advertisement, and she wanted to help them as well. After several days' struggling, Lily finally made up her mind and went to her hairstylist for haircut.

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