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Most people lose hair due to their genes. But for the majority of people hair loss can be caused by misuse of commercial hair products like gels.If you color your hair or straighten it too often you can cause hair and scalp damage. Using too much hair product like hair gel can also clog hair pores and suffocate hair folliclesThe most common and most probable cause of hair lost is genetic. Testosterone is also a major contributor to hair loss, other causes of hair loss include. Hormonal imbalance. Illness and infectious diseases. nervous disorders. Medications can also affect hair loss as a by product of their use.Hair gel and hair loss Is it is possible Yes hair gel will cause hair loss if misused and if misapplied. This means it makes a difference how and if you use them.A hair gel can put stress on hair which will cause it to break and fall off.You, therefore, should consult with a professional hairstylist before buying a full wig to know the best adhesive method for you. Do not worry about regular wearing and removing as because you can learn it in only one day. You just have to read the usage manual and learn the basic tricks. You also need to ensure that your scalp is oil free and clean before attaching a full lace wig to it. Attaching full lace wigs becomes an extremely uncomplicated process if you use the liquid adhesive method. First put your twist and bind your natural hair. If required, pin curl your hair. After that, wear the wig cap on your hair so that your natural hair does not get in contact with the liquid glue. Now place the wig on your head. Liquid adhesive is available online and there are many wig sellers who also sell these items along with other accessories. Mark the border of the wig with a pen or something and apply adhesive along that borderline. When you are done with applying the glue, let it dry. It will take a couple of minutes. After that, attach the full lace wig. Removing full lace wigs is also quite easy through this method.

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