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The patient experiencing baldness is thoroughly examined and evaluated. Tests are conducted in order to detect the cause of the baldness. The most common condition leading to baldness is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to disruption of protein synthesis involved in hair growth. The protein keratin and melanin are the main components of hair. If one of these is lacking, hair growth would not be possible. Hair transplant should be accompanied by synthetic hormones in order to establish long term hair placement. Other treatments and medications can be added in order to make the hair transplant more effective.The hair transplant Orange County center can provide consumers with other services such as hair strand maintenance and reinforcement. This is necessary since transplanted hair strand can be detached easily if not well maintained.I have already mentioned fluctuating hormone levels, but one of the main culprits when it comes to internal causes of greasy hair is diet. Western diets that tend to be greasy, high in fat and sugar, processed and containing additives which can be a major cause of greasy hair as the high fat content increases oil levels in and on the skin. Hormones can be found in meat in the western, adding to the unbalanced hormone levels. A diet lacking in vitamin B can also contribute towards greasy hair.The secret of how to treat, cure, prevent and avoid greasy hair is to treat it from both the outside, and the inside. For the outside: avoid brushing your hair too frequently, and when you brush avoid brushing your hair vigorously. When you wash your hair, the best shampoo for greasy hair is a mild-ph extra cleansing/clarifying shampoo that is formulated for greasy hair.

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