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One of the most common methods involved the use of wigs and hair extensions. While this was fine for women, men wearing wigs are easily noticeable in some cases. Moreover, the styles of wigs available are much more limited for men than for women. This form of hair restoration has been around for centuries. However, wearing a wig can become really uncomfortable during the hot summer months and their maintenance can be quite difficult. Buying a high quality hairpiece can be a very expensive option as well. Due to these reasons, some people opt to use other methods instead.Other lesser causes include immune system disorder, which leads to Alopecia Areata. This condition causes patches of hair loss on the head and sometimes over the body. Another condition is a stress or trauma-induced hair loss called Telogen Effluvium where hair growth slows, or hair thins or sheds over a period of time. Fortunately this shedding is natural, such as after childbirth, and is temporary and reversible.Other temporary hair loss causes include lack of nutrition to the hair, lack of circulation to the hair root, scalp infection, or medical treatments or conditions. Furthermore, product buildup on the hair root, and deep dirt on the hair root, when mixed with sebum, oxidizes into a thick hardened substance on the scalp, which then clogs the entrance of the hair follicle and blocks nutrient absorption by the follicle.

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