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If possible, before a woman starts her treatment or before she looses her hair, is for her to visit a hair loss center that specialized in women's hair loss acceptably chemo treatments and give personal assistance. This way, the specialized wig technician can match colour, texture and style of her hair and have her look 95% like herself. This may not be the time to change hair colour or style dramatically. We encourage our client to bring a friend or family member to help her choose that right wig and to give her support and assistance.Ayurveda regards banana as nature way to perpetual youth. To reduce hair loss, mash a banana and beat an egg, a tsp of almond oil and a tsp of lemon juice into it. Massage into scalp and leave for an hour before washing off5. Lavender oils massaged into the scalp draws blood to the scalp which reduces hair loss6. Aloe Vera gel massaged onto the scalp restores the pH balance of the scalp which in turn, helps hair regrowth. It helps the hair to retain water and remain nourished (one quarter of each strand of hair is made up of water)The best hair growth treatments are herbal supplements (applied to the scalp or taken internally) which have almost no side effects and boost cell production, repair and maintenance of the scalp oil-secreting glands; improve circulation and counteract the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the metabolite responsible for swelling of hair follicles resulting in eventual hair loss.Food for your tressesHair is a fast growing tissue and it likely to make demands on your body.

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